Bolton Cleaning Services Health and Safety Policy

  • We provide in-house and on the job training.
  • We conduct on-site Health and Safety checks and audits.
  • We have written Health and Safety procedures available upon request

We work hard to ensure compliance with legislation.

Caution Wet Floor Sign

Clients share our legal obligations for the Health and Safety of our staff when working on their sites. So it's important that we do everything we can to minimise their exposure.

Our induction & training programme covers essential safety details.
We also provide clients with all the paperwork they need, including evidence of our employers' and public liability insurance. The risk assessments we carry out give clients added peace of mind.

The COSHH substance handling regulations protect the health of people exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace.
Accordingly, we impose the safest working practices on our managers and operatives when using any regulated substances. We maintain data sheets for any products we use and also make them available to clients.
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